1. Amigo
    Design Gonzalo & Miguel Milá (2009)
    Design Gonzalo & Miguel Milá Design year 2009
    AMIGO (which stands for Aplique Miguel y Gonzalo, or ‘Miguel and Gonzalo’s ceiling lamp’) is the first joint project from this father/son team, who perfectly represent two generations of Spanish design. Available in three sizes, its functional virtues are truly unusual: fluorescence with complete sealing and diffuse luminosity by means of a vertical shade that stops insects getting in and also protects the fitting. It produces a halo of filtered light and avoids lateral dazzling - all with an impeccable simplicity where nothing is superfluous.
    Design Jehs + Laub
    Design Jehs + Laub
    Wall and ceiling lamp. Widespread light, ideal for general illumination. Constellation features a EN AB 46100 die-casted aluminium body and PBT self extinguishing base (rating: UL-94 5-VB, thickness: 1.6 mm). The diffuser is in moulded glass, with internal prismatic surface. The body and the base are joined by a die-casted aluminium hinge. In the outdoor version the body and base are sealed by means of stainless steel bolts (protection rating: IP55). The body of Constellation outdoor is available in silver grey. The 37cm diameter version can be fitted with an emergency ballast (2x18W fluorescent,electronic).
  3. Oco
    Design Causas Externas (2010)
    Design Causas Externas Design year 2010
    Oco is designed to go beyond big gardens, illuminating the night with a warm light, also on porches or small terraces. The choice of LED as the light source allows two types of lighting to be solved: A position light which is projected toward the ground and another which takes the advantage of the residual light and channels it toward the night sky, giving a note of green or amber colour depending on the colour of the cover. Without forgetting the low consumption and long life.
    Design Le Corbusier (1954)
    Design Le Corbusier Designyear 1954
    The Projecteur of Le Corbusier was designed for the Chandigarh High Court, India, in 1954. Aluminium body painted in night blue, white sand or moka. Diffuser glass curved and sandblasted in the inner part. Painted body, base and canopies. Screws and small metal parts black chromed. Available in the floor, wall/ceiling and pendant versions. The wall/ceiling and pendant lamps are available also in the outdoor version (IP54).
  5. Tolomeo xxl
    Design Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina (2009)
    Design Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina Designyear 2009
    The famous Tolomeo, icon of the Italian Design, becomes giant. In scale 4:1 relative to the table model. It's available both in indoor and outdoor verwions. Light emission is adjustable.
  6. Welcome
    Design Lise Nørgaard
    Design Lise Nørgaard
    Welcome outdoor is a classic outdoor lamp in a cubic design. You can use Welcome indoor as well.