Blooper table lamp

Design Mette Schelde

Now part of the Please wait to be seated design collection. A lamp, which like its sister Planet lamp wall, has a classic, simple design language.

The geometrical shape of the Planet table lamp creates a soft light. The light from the hidden LED bulb is reflected into a concave disc.

By a simple manual gesture you rotate the disc, which serves as both a switch and dimmer. The light reflection goes from being turned off, to gradually ascend to the full reflection output by a simple, manual gesture.

Interaction plays a key role in all PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED designs.

The disc is attached with magnets, and makes it easy to create colour combinations. Colours are: Navy blue and ash grey.
Colours Navy blue or ash grey.
Materials All steel parts of Planet table lamp are made by traditional techniques from bygone times, mixed with the newest innovation of LED.