Dome lamp

Design Todd Bracher Design year 2009 Manufacturer Mater

Best table lamp 2009, Wallpaper Magazine, London

The dome lamp is an iconic representation of 'what is light'. Light eminates evenly in a 360 degree pattern from its source (such as in the case with the sun) so therefore the most honest approach toward the design of a lamp to me was a spherical solution. The design is essentially a 'globe' form 'hollowed out' to allow the light to distribute. Such a mathematical solution enables the design to be timeless and familiar however completely new in approach as it is more of an engineering solution than a fashion based one". Todd Bracher, designer

The spun aluminum dome table lamp is produced in a Danish factory together with skilled craftsmen.
Specifications H 38 – shade Ø 40 cm
Colours Black or white
Materials Aluminium. Contains up to 50 % recycled aluminum.