Design Centro Studi Designyear 2003 Manufacturer Flexform

Flexform comes from and are producing their products in the small North Italian town Meda renowned for its high quality furniture production. The Flexform brand is now instantly recognisable worldwide.

The close collaboration over the last two decades with architect Antonio Citterio led not only to single pieces of furniture, but also large sofa configurations – oases of comfort that radically change the way we entertain and socialise.

Clean unfussy lines and impeccable production – to keep, enjoy and pass on to the next generation.
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Colours Customers choice of fabric or leather
Materials Frame: Wood with polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric lining.

Seat cushions: Filled with down and a resilient inner core or with polyurethane and dacron.

Backrest cushions: Filled with down and polyester fibre.

Throw-pillows: Down-filled cm. 40x40 and cm. 60x55 are optional

Feet: Glossy transparent metacrylic.

Upholstery: Removable fabric or leather covers.

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