Lema wardrobes hinged

Manufacturer Lema

Domestic space as dynamic space. Volumes and surfaces are compositional elements, used creatively to suit the most personal requirements and to find impeccable aethtic solutions in terms of lightness, elegance and discretion. Materials selected with care and skilfully combined: light and dark colours, glossy and matt wall coverings, ultra-refined solid highly natural wood finishes. Handles that have the impact of ideograms on large blank pages. Silent technologies. High quality finishes. Lema make every part thinking of the harmony of the whole.

Made to measure wardrobe is the modular system that offers maximum freedom of construction due to the wide range of modules available and the ability to cut according to the desired size, height, width, depth. It is available with hinged door - in 5 heights, 6 widths modules that can be combined with each other, with opportunities to choose between 18 types of doors and folding doors - or with sliding door - in 3 heights, 5 widths with the possibility of choosing from 8 different types of doors.

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