Viggo dining table

Design mencke&vagnby Designyear 2013 Manufacturer ShapingYourDay

There are many ways to celebrate old Denmark. One of the more sympathetic and understated ways is how Viggo is designed and produced

Viggo is a series of seating and tables, which are both designed and produced in Denmark. Viggo draws on the best from the Danish design tradition; materials, honesty and playful lightness

Viggo is designed and produced by ShapingYourDay; a brand which was launched by the Danish design duo Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby only two years ago
Specifications L 180 - W 90 - H 72 cm
L 200 - W 100 - H 72 cm
Extensions: 50 cm
Colours Oak natural, white or black
Materials Oak plywood and brass

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